32 thoughts on “Making Old Old Again

    • Oy! There is such a thing as aging gracefully. I do find myself seeing old buildings that are sagging and falling in and I wonder about their life. And the life they used to have. Then there are those old and stately buildings that remain in fabulous condition because they were so soundly built to begin with. But people were never meant to last like that. Some buildings were. People….not so much.


  1. I like seeing things worn and rugged, while I do think bridges which are new, their wood still smelling fresh makes me happy, too. I love the old fashioned way this photo makes me feel, Colleen.


  2. I agree. We have a lot of old homes where I live. Some of them are bought and renovated so much that they look new and overly fancy. I like your picture, it has a nice, lazy afternoon feel to it.


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