Take Tuesday

Take Tuesday.

It seems no one else does.

It’s left to the mundane.

Don’t go to work.

Play the guitar a little longer than you normally would.

But don’t clean the house.

Drive some place you wouldn’t drive just to see what it looks like

Decide there wasn’t really anything to see

And drive some place else.

Find a place to hike.

And hike.

Because no one else did.


Go get a pecan roll

And an iced coffee

And sit in a fancy coffee shop

Because you don’t normally take the time to do so.

Though everyone else apparently does.

Go find another place to explore.

Bridge Over Peaceful Waters

And take advantage of extra time

And go home.

To sit.

In peace.

And sun.

Gathering a sun burn.

And quiet.

And time not rushed.

Do nothing.

Which is something

Seldom done.

This might be something to do again.

Take Tuesday.

If you can.