Laid To Rest-Mourning Rose

You gave America your youth





You gave America an oath

of true faith



You gave America your duty




You gave America your willingness

to defend


and liberate

innocence across the world.

You gave yourself to America.

You are now

Fully and eternally




terra firma.

You are home now


You have given more than enough.

America receives you completely.

 Mourning Rose

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43 thoughts on “Laid To Rest-Mourning Rose

  1. April says:

    Beautiful tribute.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to this brave man. I pray he Rests In Peace for eternity and feels our infinite gratitide. Beautiful Colleen!

  3. Oh so beautiful. Especially poignant for me since my mother’s name was Rose. Your honor those who did so much.

    • His wife’s name was Rose as well Paulette. 🙂 I love the story he told me of meeting her. It was a beautiful story. I feel like I can never do nearly what he and others like him have done, the least I can do is respect them and their stories. He was a charmer. 🙂

  4. dogear6 says:

    You know how I love to network?

    Chris Donner just wrote a beautiful piece about a Denny’s in Oregon who honors our war heroes. I think you’d enjoy it.

    Thanks for sharing with us today.


  5. mewhoami says:

    Beautifully said. My thoughts are with you today.

  6. reocochran says:

    The rose is meaningful and a fitting tribute to one who gave more than a lot of people EVER will for their country. Hugs to you and thinking of him, too.

    • Thank you Robin. The rose had many meanings in this man’s life. It was his wife’s name. They were amazing rose gardeners. They photographed the rose’s. I wanted to draw him something symbolic for him. ❤

  7. Mustang.Koji says:

    Loved your title and heartfelt prose. May he and his with be having a gorgeous Sunday morning forever.

  8. markbialczak says:

    Thank you Mr. Goldstein, Soldier, friend to my dear friend Colleen. Rest in peace, thank you, God bless you.

  9. tric says:

    I wondered was this the soldier you previously mentioned. May he rest in peace, you have honoured him well.

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