40 thoughts on “Whispers In A Hurricane

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    I love the powerful imagery and message of this post. May our whispers be heard above the sound of the strongest hurricanes to comfort, support, bless, honor, and bring hope to those most in need of them.


  2. I love this post so much I reblogged it. Colleen you are an amazing writer. Your beautiful spirit shines through your posts. Thank you for the light and warmth you share with the world.


  3. Ironically this brought he movie “Braveheart” to mind, starring Mel Gibson. Especially the scene where the future Queen leans over and whispers in the dying King’s ear; ah, just as penetrating as the roar of “freedom” bellowed out by William. Of all that I’ve read, this beautiful masterpiece is second to none! Thanks for sharing, and so you know; this just made my day!!!


  4. That’s how blogging feels on some days! But as frustrating as it can get, having friends in blogland makes a big difference because you find that someone does in fact hear it.



    • Nancy, it makes the difference. Though this was prompted by something other than writing, I knew I could relate it to my writing and I would be able to put the feeling to it I wanted. And it worked perfectly. And you and others did indeed hear it. Thank you!

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  5. Sometimes the whispers may not be heard except for by one or two… this is how it works, we find the truly perceptive and caring ones will ‘hear’ the most imperceptible sound or thought we express… I love this, Colleen!


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