33 thoughts on “It’s Character-Not A Defect

  1. Well said, Colleen ….. brilliant!!! But is there really any good liar????!!!! And a good liar can cause plenty harm too, but they will both be caught out in the end … so why lie at all.


  2. I am one who is easily able to tell white lies but the whopping true lies, where it is outrageous, No. I cannot do this. I have been known to have ‘mental health’ use of my ‘sick days,’ Colleen. smiles!

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      • Oh, I am gullible, too, Colleen. I have believed in men, married and really never ‘knew’ them.
        I agree also, in wanting to take people at their word, too. I found it hard sometimes to work with battered women and their children. I always believed the children’s stories of the marriage. Sometimes, unfortunately, the women would give a ‘slant’ on the truth… I can relate to this in my mind, but am thankful that I don’t work where I have to do this anymore. Teaching was a good place, but again, there were times I would be disappointed in how the parents handled things.
        Hugs for this post and hoping you will continue to see the positive and find peace in your work. You do an incredible job, Colleen!

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        • Thank you Robin. I ‘try’ to do a good, very good, job. I admit it’s not always an easy job at all. The lying I have to deal with at work comes in the form of people denying what they need (and sometimes not even realizing they are ‘lying’ to themselves) to the lying of people who are stealing from or hurting other human beings. That’s the worst kind to deal with. But this post was actually prompted by a light hearted conversation with someone closer to me when I told her she was not a good liar and never could be, and that was a very good thing. 🙂


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