I’d Like To Think

I’d like to think I’m capable of dealing with stress and can handle the fluctuating demands of life that are never predictable, always changing, and constantly unstable.  And sometimes redundant.

I’d like to think I’m above reproach, my mistakes are few, I don’t need correction, editing, modification or any type of specific amelioration.  That I’m good enough.

I’d like to think that everything I do is pretty damn good.  My competence and artistry are unparalleled.  Surely appreciated by the masses, once they become aware.

I’d like to think that I’ve long left unsophistication and pretentiousness behind me.  Having grown into my confidence and aplomb.

 I’d like to think that any hesitation on my part is not due to self doubt, but because experience has helped me develop poise and prudence, before speaking, acting or judging.

I’d like to think that every where I go I leave a trail of rainbow candies and cotton candy clouds behind me as I mosey through life.

I'd Like To Think

I’d like to think…..yes.   I’d like to think.