The Lord Knows

The Lord knows what I need, at all times.

On the day of rest when I felt a need to charge all of my reserves He started my day off with grey skies.  The rains were heavy, the air soft and telling me to stay indoors and relax.  So I spread my guitar, my ukulele, my music books, my notebooks and drawing utensils, my computer for writing and my pillow for propping my leg so I could prop guitar or computer or notebook on leg just so.  And for hours…..I did just that.   While the rains poured down… reserves filled up.

And no one called.  To change my needs.   Or the Lord’s plan.

Then the sun started playing games with us.  It peeked out.  It hid.  It stuck it’s face out again.

The Lord told me my butt could not sit much longer on that floor.  A few hours of sitting and tormenting the guitar and ukulele, tap tapping the keyboard and doodling had only recharged my batteries to a certain limit.  Get up said He.   And move!   I’m not one to argue with the Lord.  My husband, maybe.  The Lord, if I’m paying attention and hear, not on your life.

So I moved because apparently the Lord had more plans in store for me.  And still, no one called requiring changes to His plan.

I quickly prepared drinks and threw together some portable snacks while the husband loaded up the bikes.  We got a salad to go on the way and headed for the trail.  The sun shining all the way.  A few miles short of our destination a big fat splat hit the windshield.  I pointed to the very obvious spot on the windshield and said “that’s a big fat rain drop”.   And thirty seconds later when another hit I said “that’s another one”.  We continued.  The drops seemed to be testing us.

We made it to the parking lot.  Parked and unloaded.  Just in time for a downpour.  We jumped back in the car and sat.  Patiently.  That one word:  patiently-says a lot.  I didn’t cuss.  I didn’t carry on.  Remarkably.  I was just waiting out the rain.  Neither my husband or I were too bothered.  We were there and ready to ride.  I was impressed with my patience, the Lord does work in mysterious ways.  We wouldn’t have minded getting caught in the rain.  But there’s something that goes against our grain to start in the rain.  Within a few minutes the rain stopped.  The sun came out.  It quickly heated up and within minutes you wouldn’t have known much of a rain had happened.

Bike Ride Clouds

And we rode.

And no one called to change this plan, stop the ride, or alter the Lord’s intentions for us.

We rode as the day became more beautiful.  Though the Lord had a few surprises for me.   Attacking chipmunks who aren’t very wise.  Or have very poor eye sight.  Jumped up and hit my foot as I tried to pedal past.  I’ve about had it with animals attacking me on bike trails.  My husband tried to explain they aren’t very big, as if this is an excuse for them not seeing me.  I explained that that would be a very good excuse for me and my size, not noticing an elephant charging me, or a mountain if I was standing in it’s proximity.   The snake stretched out completely across the trail (husband says was three feet long, I am pretty sure it was ten feet long) nearly moved my bowels as fast as it moved my feet.  Funny thing, how black snakes blend in to black top pavement until you are nearly on them.  And when I say “funny” I do not mean “funny” I mean “scared the shit out of me”.

I felt my batteries recharge at warp speed at that moment.  And still, no calls, the Lord’s plan was working.

We rode on.   We eventually turned around and headed back.  When I noticed above me the skies were not as blue.  I had a feeling I may get wet.  But I had no idea what was a comin’……

Here Come The Clouds

 The Lord knows better than I do what I need.  It was hot.  But it was a good hot.  And I was enjoying it.  Sun.  Breeze.  Muscle burn.  Muscle ache.  But then those first drops hit and they felt good.  I have to admit.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And when they started hitting more steady, I was glad.  I had earphones in.  I was enjoying the music.  I was enjoying the day turning grey again.  I was glad I had not sat all day at home and sat through the sunshine waiting for the rains to come again.   Then over the music in my ears I heard it.   I heard the downpour coming a good thirty seconds before it fully engulfed me.   My husband wasn’t with me.  He had stopped for a pit stop telling me he would catch up with me later.   So I rode in the downpour.




I was exhilarated.

The rains were steady, steadier and then down right hard.  But they were cleansing.  They were energizing.  I only prayed for no lightening, I carry way too much metal in my body to want to outrun or try and dodge lightening bolts.   I didn’t doubt the Lord mind you, I just didn’t know his plan.  Apparently His plan didn’t include making me dodge them because He didn’t sent them.  I couldn’t wait for my husband to catch up with me.  He has a saying:   a bad day on the bike is better than a good day in the office.  But this doesn’t even qualify as a bad day on the bike.  When he caught up with me I told him this was one of the best rides on this trail (of which we’ve had hundreds) I’ve ever had.   Because it was different.  Because it was fresh.  We could barely see.  I don’t know about him because I couldn’t see him, but I was smiling.  I was feeling good.  I was cold.  But it was not bone chilling.    It was invigorating.  I told him I didn’t have a dry anything.  He was riding a recumbent bike and said he was sitting in water.

The Lord knew what He was doing.   He cleared the way back.  No damn snakes.  The chipmunks were under cover someplace.  I thought the rains were there for the day.  But I was wrong.  I don’t know the Lord’s plan.  Eventually he brought the sun back out.  And He opened my eyes to the fact that today was a really stupid day to try and start a low carb way of eating.   Eat ice cream after this ride He prompted.  So we did.

Today is about recharging, receiving and rejoicing.

The Lord knew what I needed.

He gave.

And I took Him up on it.

And nothing changed His plans for me.