44 thoughts on “An Act Of Piercing Something

  1. It is a trickier person to use subtle acts that are hurtful and seemingly innocent. Had an ex who whispered things like “Those people talk about you” or “When you walk in people stare at you but not in a good way.”
    My kids thought when I yelled it was at
    least honest and they knew what they had done to upset me. They never quite got.my 13 year marriage to a passive agg. man. xo


    • Oh Robin…..a lot of adjectives are going through my head right now. None of them good. I’m sorry you went through that.

      Regarding your kids and your yelling. I used to tell my kids at least I yelled, they knew what I was mad about, then I was done. That simple and that quick. Move on to the next thing in life. Get it over and done with.


  2. Your words are perfect for passive aggressive! “A rose doesn’t make a thorn less of a prick.” I have one of those in my family and it seems that thorn is more of a prick. “Here, let me treat you like you are my best friend while I stick a knife in your back.”


    • Well, truth be told…..this post came as a result of a conversation between me and my husband. 🙂 Though I made it PERFECTLY clear to him it was NOT about HIM. Though prompted by that conversation it does not resemble him…….. 😉

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  3. Oh well said Colleen. I am dealing with some passive aggressive people at the moment and it drives me nuts. Say what you will, then move on. Oh but not. And on and on it goes. It is a dangerous game.


    • Very dangerous. And unpleasant. And annoying. For crying out loud, just have the fight or disagreement and have it over with. Whew. Too much energy wasted on that “nasty business” as another blogger called it.


  4. I deal with a number of passive aggressive people. I get in trouble all the time for speaking the truth, but they seldom get in trouble because they’re “so nice!”. Bull. Shit. They’re not nice at all.

    And my comment is now longer than your post. Big laugh at that!!



  5. Talk about passive aggressive people… I’m dealing with few for the last 5 years of my life. Yet I can’t seem to figure out what to do when I face them 😔
    You’ve written it precisely. Great post.


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