A Child Says Thank You For Your Service

We took three little ones out for a day of adventure.  Road trip!   By the time they were loaded in to the car and we hit the road it was time to unload them from the car and fill them up with nutrition.  That lasted about about twenty minutes.   So we stopped, disembarked at the first and quickest food establishment we could find.  It was only a minor chore to keep them rounded up and in close proximity while ordering.   Their energies kept them leaping and lunging due to the excitement of a road trip.  Once the food was put on the table things settled a bit.

Then a young woman walked in dressed in her Army fatigues.  From head to toe it was obvious she was dressed for service to her country.   I leaned down to my young grand daughter next to me and said “do you want to go up and thank the lady for her service to her country?”

She looked up at me with her very earnest four year old eyes and said “yesh Mamo”.   The other kids watched as she slid out of the booth.

She walked very earnestly up to the counter.

Stood next to our soldier.

Looked up at the lady behind the counter and thanked the Subway worker for her service to us.

She came back and sat down.   Her older sister started to tell her she thanked the wrong woman.  I smiled and shook my head.   The lady behind the counter came over and said “I didn’t hear her”.   I told her she just wanted to thank her.   She smiled so nicely.   My granddaughter smiled back.

38 thoughts on “A Child Says Thank You For Your Service

  1. This made me chucke! ha ha:)
    Kids are so precious and she sounds so earnest in wishing to thank “her” for her service. Another example of teaching us how words hold different meanings and contexts for individuals, Colleen.

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    • I don’t know, she never batted an eye. When we left I was loading kids in the car and she came out behind us. I could hear my husband thank her and she responded in kind to him. So she got her thanks. 🙂 It was something, I’ll say that. 🙂


  2. I suppose it’s all relative. We know who she was grateful for. I so enjoyed this it’s one of those posts I imagine I will smile at out of the blue in the next few days.


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