A Day Of Loss

Memorial Day

We remember the loss.

And I can’t help but think

Of the moms

The dads

The grandparents

The babies

The friends.

Who’s loss is every day.


I can’t help but think of how different the world would be

If we weren’t dedicating a day for recognizing loss.

But celebrating because we had no reason to acknowledge loss.

That would be the most honorable way

To memorialize those who gave all

In the belief they were dying for peace.


Long before we start saying Rest In Peace

Maybe we should start saying Live In Peace.


Peace is not impossible.

People are impossible.







28 thoughts on “A Day Of Loss

  1. This is absolutely the truth! People are impossible! Peace isn’t impossible. How wonderful it would be if everyone in this world were peace loving and love loving instead of power hungry, money hungry, and everything that keeps peace remote. This poem is beautiful.


  2. They were, indeed, dying for peace – in more ways than one. Those who dedicated themselves to our freedom … I will remember them today too, Colleen. And I will continue to pray for peace – world peace and peace for the souls who have lost someone fighting for peace on ‘my’ behalf. Thanks for this post today.


  3. Beautifully said. It certainly would be wonderful if people would be peace loving. Like siblings however, they always want to fight over something. Tragically as a result, many people lose their lives. The saying “can’t we all just get along” may sound silly, but it sure is true.


    • It is true. It’s such a simple concept. And you’re right, even a handful of siblings can’t get along. That’s true. But maybe those ‘ordering’ war should be the ones going in on the front lines, no exceptions. It might make a difference.

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  4. ♥♥♥ Beautiful, CM. Just beautiful. I’m frequently at a loss for words after I read your posts. (That’s a good thing, btw.) I read an article recently about all the folks who would be put out of business by peace. Surely we can find them something else to do??


    • Surely we could! Maybe it would be jobs producing things people need. Healthy food. Warm clothing for cold climates. Repurposing all of the extreme surplus of war goods in to usable peace time commodoties. Health care needs. New energy sources. Cleaning up the destroyed parts of the world. I could go on…..


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