The Last Fire

Who found here.

Who began here.

In The Corner

Who joined this corner

That held up this house.

Who laid the stone

Row by row.

Who created shelter.

For who.

Who chiseled the stone.

Who was excited to see it begun.

Who was relieved to see it done.

Who sweat and toiled.

Who laughed or swore.

Who shed blood on bloody knuckles.

Who felt safer walking in the door.

Last Fire

Who built the fires.

Who cooked the meals.

Who ate that first meal.

Who sat in the corner.

Who was excited here.

Who was miserable here.

Who left here.

Who lived the lives

In the small footprint

Of this once solid home.

Who put down the first stone.

Who lit the last fire.

Who ate the last meal.

Who walked out the door last.

Who thought the last thought.

Who lived the last moment.

Who saw it first as home.

Who saw it last as home.

Who is no longer here.

Who would want to sit in this corner.

In The Corner