I Can Exist Awkward

If I can’t inspire

I can be inspired.

If I can’t provoke

I may appease.

If I can’t believe

I don’t reject.

If I can’t learn

I am not irrelevant.

If I can’t be graceful

I can exist awkward.

If I can’t be perfect

I can be validated.

If I can’t advance

I will not be stagnant.

If I can’t

I still am.

44 thoughts on “I Can Exist Awkward

  1. Not knowing you, Colleen I am not sure if you are awkward.
    But: I picture your learning music to play on your guitar, your exercising on foot, on bike and doing Tai Kwon Do or some sort of self-protection lessons. I also picture you humming or singing, observing and playing with children and husband, showing family they are important.
    The line does sound fantastic, so I will ‘allow you to label yourself awkward.’ (Queen Robin decrees it is okay to call yourself this! ha ha!)


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