I have never considered myself an artist.

Yet I have the freedom to draw,

And write,

And take pictures.

I have the freedom to exhibit these things

However I want.

Because of where I live

And because of people before me-

I am free.

Free to be an artist

Regardless of my caliber.

I want to draw-

I draw.

I want to write-

I write.

I don’t need anyone’s permission to do so.

I’ve never been political

But I’ve never ‘had to be’.

I have rights that I exercise.

Because of people like you.


I draw for you today.

It’s simple.

It’s in honor of the flowers and colors and expressions

That someone else has deemed it necessary to prevent you from creating.

For anyone to use power to stop expression and creativity-

Speaks to me of weak and fearful minds.


Speak courage, honor and valor.

I so humbly will draw for you.


I learned of Atena from Zen Pencils and his request for us to support this woman.

Read about her here:


ATENA FARGHADANI: The right to draw


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40 thoughts on “#Draw4Atena

  1. I could not get the Atena link to work but I love the sentiment and your gratitude in this post Colleen. And just for the record, I think you’re of a pretty high caliber. ❤
    Diana xo


  2. A lovely message and what an artist you are. I congratulate you for being chosen as muse for Marks t-shirt. It’s terrible to think that freedom would be taken from anyone.


  3. joeythebuddhist says:

    Haha I like it!


  4. Wow, what a shame about Atena. We are so blessed to live in freedom. And to think that people actually want to walk and stomp all over the US flag. Why don’t they leave and move to Iran? We aren’t forcing them to stay here.


  5. OMG, she was sentenced to TWELVE YEARS for drawing a cartoon criticizing her government! Very sad situation. Thank you for posting this and drawing attention to the persecution that exists in way too many places. And yes we are blessed here with our freedoms.


    • I can’t quite fathom this Paulette. I have read Zen Pencils for quite some time. I appreciate his skills. And putting his skills to task to draw (no pun intended) our attentions to something so wrong. Why is it our sensibilities are offended????? And their’s are not? How can this be ‘right’ in anyone’s thoughts?


  6. reocochran says:

    I believe in art in many forms. I always study how you compact your thoughts into such great, small packages, Colleen. The samE with your drawings which hold truth and light. One of my favorites is of the man at the picnic table with his head in his hands. It depicted deep emotions with swift and sure lines. xo 🙂


  7. reocochran says:

    Sorry, please edit my silly impatient finger pushing on fancy phone which is “fickle” as all heck, Colleen 🙂


  8. ksbeth says:

    this is such a horrible situation for a, my hope is that she is soon freed to create her art as she sees fit. we are so lucky to be free to create and express as we like, i never take it for granted.


  9. markbialczak says:

    You always fight the good fight, MBC. I’m with on this one, too.


  10. I shudder to think how lucky we all are and don’t need to worry about what we want to do, drawing for example… ❤ ❤ ❤ Seems a simple thing but it depends who reads it and uses it to put you down.


  11. Mustang.Koji says:

    Very nice post, Chatter Master. America needs to wake up and think of the whole instead of the few. Free speech allows for flag desecration is just another extension of us going in the wrong direction, I feel. If we don’t take action, we may see what happened to Atena happen here.


    • I think we have freedoms that others will never have. The fact that someone can ‘choose’ to desecrate the flag is not a freedom anyone else would have. It bothers me greatly that people choose to be negative about the country that allows them that kind of freedom. And most who do such actions? They aren’t making a point, they’re just pissed. And don’t have an original idea to express their anger. Nor do they seem to become proactive in making changes they would like to see.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. niaaeryn says:

    Well drawn and written, Colleen. I hope Aten a ‘ s story circulates even more. Brave woman, beautiful post.


  13. Jim McKeever says:

    Unconscionable and infuriating. Thank you for helping to shine light on this injustice, Colleen.


  14. dogear6 says:

    Thanks for writing this up and bringing attention to it. Unfortunately, we’re moving towards that in this country as the churches are being told they cannot speak anything that might be political and cannot encourage their members to vote for their faith. It won’t stop with the churches – they’re just the first wave.



  15. Heartafire says:

    love this dear Chatter, especially the drawings! Fabulous ❤


  16. Another sensitive and reminder that I can sure be petty in my personal complaints! Wow! This story is very impactful, Colleen. Thank you for sharing it. I sometimes think we are just clueless! We need the reminders!


    • We do indeed Debra. I would never have known about it but for Zen Pencils. It made me stop my complaining in a hurry. Sad that we need these reminders, but we are human and tend to need them about many things.


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