Sometimes I’m Difficult

Sometimes I’m difficult.

It seems like


Purposefully do not make thing easy.


Ask too many questions,

Taking the opposing side,

And then the other side.

Both sides holding

A modicum of sense.


Get mad,

Then stop being mad.

Just know

There’s truth

In my anger.

There’s curiosity

Or lack of understanding

In my questions.

There’s frustration

When IΒ doubt.


Is not undone

By knowing fractions.


Is okay.


Can’t help it

It’s who I am.

Sometimes I’m difficult.

Whether I want to be

Or not.

35 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m Difficult

  1. I know the feeling, though I don’t like to think of it as being difficult, maybe I am just too willing to share my “unpopular” opinion at times πŸ˜€


  2. My first thought on this was ‘ Colleen is not difficult! But then I thought about it and I realize that it’s just a need to question things. I’m the same way and I find that , especially in LA, when I ask questions, all I’m looking for is answers. I’m not really trying to be difficult!


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