My Write To Think

I read something the other day.  I can’t quote it.   And I’m too lazy to go back and look it up.  But I remember the point.  And it made me contemplative.

Someone was writing about how she reads other people’s posts and does not know if these people have never suffered trauma or discomfort because their posts are all positive and light.  Nothing negative.  I got the impression she felt those writers were fake or just not true to life people.  Because they never wrote  disparaging comments or that they just felt like crap about life.   This was my perception of what she meant.

Of course it got me to thinking.  I think it is a rare, if existent, human who does not experience or feel pain.  Suffering.   Bad days.

I think it just as rare that, as humans, we refrain from complaining.

I know I complain.  Quite honestly I bark about quite a few things.  (So I’m pretty sure she wasn’t referring to me).

When I read someone else’s work, their words, their thoughts or stories it never occurs to me that because they choose to write about goodness and kindness and positive….that they have never suffered.   Or never get angry.  Or never have a bad hair day.

Instead, I appreciate an uplifting story.  Or a funny event.   Or a stop and be grateful thought.

Additionally, I appreciate the writer who asks the questions that make me think.  I didn’t take her comments as negative.  I took them as  provocative questions and statements.  It made me think about what she meant, and how I perceive what others mean.   And what does happen on a daily basis that prompts anyone to write and share their day, their stories, beliefs, and thoughts.

Most days I choose to try and be positive because it makes me feel better.   Especially if I am having a not so great day.  If I then try to focus on writing positive, it helps me change my attitude.   I’ve never claimed that my writing is anything more than a selfish endeavor.   I don’t think anyone can blanket statement the reasons why people write.   Or why they choose to write in the manner that they write.

I write for many reasons.

Today’s post was just to point out that I was contemplating something someone else wrote.   Which is a good reason for anyone to write.   To make someone think.