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I read something the other day.  I can’t quote it.   And I’m too lazy to go back and look it up.  But I remember the point.  And it made me contemplative.

Someone was writing about how she reads other people’s posts and does not know if these people have never suffered trauma or discomfort because their posts are all positive and light.  Nothing negative.  I got the impression she felt those writers were fake or just not true to life people.  Because they never wrote  disparaging comments or that they just felt like crap about life.   This was my perception of what she meant.

Of course it got me to thinking.  I think it is a rare, if existent, human who does not experience or feel pain.  Suffering.   Bad days.

I think it just as rare that, as humans, we refrain from complaining.

I know I complain.  Quite honestly I bark about quite a few things.  (So I’m pretty sure she wasn’t referring to me).

When I read someone else’s work, their words, their thoughts or stories it never occurs to me that because they choose to write about goodness and kindness and positive….that they have never suffered.   Or never get angry.  Or never have a bad hair day.

Instead, I appreciate an uplifting story.  Or a funny event.   Or a stop and be grateful thought.

Additionally, I appreciate the writer who asks the questions that make me think.  I didn’t take her comments as negative.  I took them as  provocative questions and statements.  It made me think about what she meant, and how I perceive what others mean.   And what does happen on a daily basis that prompts anyone to write and share their day, their stories, beliefs, and thoughts.

Most days I choose to try and be positive because it makes me feel better.   Especially if I am having a not so great day.  If I then try to focus on writing positive, it helps me change my attitude.   I’ve never claimed that my writing is anything more than a selfish endeavor.   I don’t think anyone can blanket statement the reasons why people write.   Or why they choose to write in the manner that they write.

I write for many reasons.

Today’s post was just to point out that I was contemplating something someone else wrote.   Which is a good reason for anyone to write.   To make someone think.

48 thoughts on “My Write To Think

  1. It is not always easy to stay positive when bad things happen. Everyone complains sometimes. But in general, I know that the road is a little easier when I manage to stay upbeat and keep my sense of humor when times are tough. Maybe too much positivity can be just as irritating as doom and gloom. I think they’re probably just two sides of the same coin.


    • I like this take Mind Margin. I know there are times when I purposefully focus on and pull every positive image or thought that I can to the forefront of my thoughts. There are other times, I need to let the low/bad thoughts work their way through.

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  2. I appreciate the blogger’s inquiry and I believe that many people wonder the same thing. I agree with you though, in that I also try to write positive posts because they make me feel better. Some of my most uplifting posts have been written on my worst days. It’s not being fake. It’s just about changing one’s perspective and mood, and not wanting to dwell on the negative. However, with that said, I do greatly appreciate those who “keep it real” and share their stories of pain and struggling, as they help us all to realize that we’re not alone. We all go through things, there is no doubt about that. It’s just that sometimes we feel like complaining/venting and other times we don’t.


  3. I’ve had many a bad-hair day, Colleen, and on occasion those days lead to something worth writing about. Most of the time, I prefer to write about good-hair days. Or moments.


  4. You’re right – posts that make us think are good for us. I personally think that often it is the people that HAVE had to go through trauma and/or suffering that write such positive posts. Who wants to wallow around in the pain? Not me! And, it is also those people who have really suffered and experienced trauma and pain that knows how precious joy and happiness is. Which is why my internet name is Priceless Joy. Because I know the alternative too well.

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    • Well said Priceless. I am really appreciating the feedback on this post. I understand the need and desire to write in all kinds of different voices. And I know I enjoy reading all kinds of different voices. And I understand the need or desire to write in different tones.

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  5. I agree that writing serves many purposes good bad or indifferent. For me it is simply an outlet or place to clear my head, and I admit I try to stay positive and upbeat …. but like anyone I have my days. However with so much bad news on television and negative comments on social media it is nice to visit blogs that are positive and uplifting, at least that is my opinion.


    • THank you A Maine Mama. Though I sometimes write out a ‘bad’moment or thought or idea, even then I ‘try’ to come to a conclusion or a processing that ends with me thinking positive. I’m not Miss Sunshine all of the time, but if I am always going to try and work through to see the positive or get to the positive. Thank you for your comment!

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  6. You know when you’re having a bad day and everything afterwards keeps getting worse and worse? I believe negativity attracts negativity. The minute you tell yourself the this is the most rotten day of your life, it will be.

    Changing your mood lightens up both you and what follows.Yes! A positive attitude you can share with everyone. Who wants to be dragged down by you? 😮 No-one.

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  7. Interesting. I’ve never given much thought to analyzing what someone else might write. I’ll read it or not and comment or not. I take others at their word until they prove me otherwise. I’ve been on this earth long enough to know life is what we make of it and that there’s no such thing as a free ride. I also understand that no one is responsible for the way I feel but me. If I’m having a bad day then I have to figure my own way out of it.
    For those that are ill and in pain every day, I feel for them and have empathy and wish I had the power to make their pain go away.
    As for writing about only the positive side of life, I want the truth whatever it is. Don’t sugar coat anything. If everyone tells it like it is, then we’d actually have something to measure layers of happiness against.
    Then again, that which makes me happy may very well make someone else miserable.


    • There are many things I read that I don’t feel apply to me, or I don’t agree with, or may not even understand. So I may just pass on through the words and leave them for the purpose they are intended-the writer needed to write them, and they may have a different value to another.

      Your last comment held something to consider, that I had not.

      Thank you Sheri.

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      • It seems there’s always something to wrestle around in our brains. One of the things I used to like about riding the metro was the fact that I knew no one and no one knew me. I felt invisible and could think without anyone else intruding into my inner sanctum. At the same time, I hated the long commute because of the time it took out of my day. Therefore, the commute on the metro made me happy and it made me mad all at the same time.
        As I age I find it takes far less to make me happy. The simple things seem so much more important.


  8. You are a good person on your blog, MBC. Your negativity is always done positively, if you know what I mean. You are not a complainer by any means.

    I try to keep my blog posts positive. It makes me feel better to spread good thoughts and feelings. But when I get a grump on in BloggyVille, I’ll grump good.

    I think I’m more grumpy in real life than I am on my blog. My dear wife Karen tries to straighten me out, though.

    I don’t exactly know why the blogger of which you address was said blogger’s intent in the first place. Blog the way you want. Read it if you wish! Comment accordingly. But question somebody like that with a whole blog post?


    • I think the process of writing something out gives us such an incredible window to how we react. Whereas, in the moment, face to face with our problems and people-we may not take the time to think things through or take pause to see ‘how’ we are reacting appears. Writing makes me be more thoughtful, considerate and contemplative.

      And yes, your last comment is a point that reflects some of what I was feeling. 😉 And if someone is all light and sunshine in their life, I think it would be a great existence for that person.


  9. It is a fair point now that you have me thinking too. Love that 🙂
    I appreciate your posts, and though they are often positive you do have a variety of emotions and contemplations that are not always rainbows and kittens, rainbows and kittens of course being awesome along with unicorns and faeries. Yet, I find that yeah, I try to write about the positive more than the negative. For me it is a way to redirect my energy (I can complain and go on a rant with the best but that is a habit I do not feel is good, for me at least, to indulge in too often) to the brighter side, or even the more Zen side. But that is just me. Also, there are family members you do not want to worry, prospective employers…and some things are just secret (or private, if you will) that one does not want on the very – much – so – public Internet.
    There are things I confess I would like to write about, but now is just not the time…that and even when it is the time I do not know if I would put it out so publicly.
    Meh. People hold back for many reasons, but no matter what the reasons are I am grateful for all those who write bare their souls the good and the bad, and above all to those who make me smile and think. 🙂


  10. I agree Colleen, I love when posts spur questions. Most times I write about positive things because I want to inspire and encourage people. Also, when my dad taught me to drive he said, “look (focus) where you want to go…” I think that has more applications than just driving. ❤
    Diana xo


  11. Nice to feel forced to think Colleen 😉
    I prefer to stay in a positive mind, when I write, which also helps me to feel better. I don’t wish to let other people feel bad, just because my mood can be temporary down.


  12. I love your title, first of all… Another example of your brilliance.

    Your points as well as thise written by the other writer are true. Sometimes, though, thinking about what somebody else wrote can be damaging as well as helpful. Depends upon your mindset.


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