32 thoughts on “Love And Commitment

  1. I an ready to stop reading someone who did not want this new and beautiful landmark step to be mentioned on her blog. This makes me sad, Colleen. Anyone can come express themselves on my blog about freedoms. Not sure if iur mutual friend noticed her reblogging a rather vitriol post.
    Hurray for all freedims which include love and marriage. May freedom ring! πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve read a couple who were not too happy about wordpress celebrating, but each to their own, as long as the right decision was made we can move forward.and hopefully time will change society as we have known it.


    • I have read some of the comments about WP’s expression of support as well. I make that “eh” sound when I see it. At least the one’s I’ve read have made their opinion without being hateful or derogatory, just expressed it.

      So, moving forward….. πŸ™‚


  3. Moving forward is great… but with the Muslim population growing numerically in this country, one may have to contend with Sharia law in the future the way things are going. Just sayin’…


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