From Papa To Stephen

In 1918

Papa gave Stephen the gift of time.

Gift of Time 2

Who knew what time would give to Stephen.

Who knew what time Stephen would have.

Can we give the gift of time?

Did Papa give Stephen

Time for youthfulness-


Time to learn about work, ethics, responsibility-

Time For Work

Time for loyalty, discipline, and  service-

Time For Service

Time for family and growth-

Time For Family

Time for contemplating-

Time For Contemplating

Time to develop his own style-

Time For Style

Time for the peace and joy of relaxing-

Time For Relaxing

Time to watch his family grow-

The Gift Of Time

Time to walk through life with love-

Time For Love

Time for maturing with grace-

Time To Mature


Time To Be One's Self

Time to be who he was meant to be.