I Like It here

I’ve got no complaints today.

The good Lord saw fit to wake me up.   Give me energy to ride my bike.   Go to work.  Which means I have a job.   Put in  a good and busy day at work.   He guided me safely home to put in another work out.  Then I went outside and spent the rest of the afternoon doing whatever I wanted.   Which means I have a home.  I ate when I was hungry.   I sat in a comfortable chair when I was weary.  I have needs and wants met.

I can speak to my children and tell them I love them.   And tell them good night.  I can love on my great babies and take comfort from their littleness.

I’ve got a friend by my side.   He lives to make my life better.

I can reach out to family.  To friends.

And I have faith.

Now I prepare to lie down to sleep.

I hope the Lord wakes me up again tomorrow.   I like it here.

42 thoughts on “I Like It here

  1. I like it here too. I like it even better because you are a part of it even if it is online. You still make “here” better. So, I like it that you are here too! I am blessed and I am thankful. I believe you feel the same way. Great way to start the day!


  2. I am very happy. I came to Cleveland. Mom and i watched Bluebloods on tv and Walker Texas Ranger reruns the next day. 🙂 We made it to Giant Eagle and sat im car eating guilty pleasure, fast food on drenching rsin. Thank goodness for the entrance overhang to drop nearly dry Mom and groceries onto bench by door of her facility. I have seen my 2 brothers, shared a chicken, veggies, sweet potatoes meal with Mom smiling broadly having her 3 little chickens come to roost for a “spell.” We watched a weird mystery recommended by Delaware librarian and had a great discussion. So far, Colleen, the weeks vacation is going perfectly! Getting Mom up soon for breakfast and off to podiatrist appt. 🙂


  3. Beautiful tribute to life and all the many blessings that we so often take for granted. We must be thankful for all things, both the small and great. So often it’s the smallest of things that have the most meaning.


    • You know, MeWhoAmI…there’s so much truth in your comment. If we would reflect on what our lives would be like with OUT those small things, and have to choose what we would do without…. I think there are many who would be stunned at how many things that are taken for granted. Even after writing this, I know I would be stunned if I took this inventory as well.


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