My American Day

Bike Ride

Good morning America.


Thank you.

American Day

For another full day.

2 day

I heard the Constitution Of The United States of America

Read out loud.

And people listened.

The Constitution

I stood

Among a town of strangers

Who gathered

To celebrate together.

The Symphony

And it was my first attendance

Of a symphony.

The first song I heard


The Star Spangled Banner.


We didn’t do anything fancy.

But what we did do was perfect.

We celebrated

Being free.

Enjoying Our Freedom

I do recognize

That being free

Comes with a cost.

In addition to the men and women

Who serve us all-

We have an obligation

To do our part.

I was free to roam today.

And see my America.

Because I work,

Because I do my best,

To do what I can,

Because I can.

And because I can,

I must.

I owe it to my America

To earn my freedom.

29 thoughts on “My American Day

  1. I like red, white and blue, Americana symbols like barns and covered bridges. Today, daughter and her sons ran a race. Before it began, there was a man playing the cornet, “Oh, say can you see. . .” I saw my grandsons take their ball caps off, put them behind their back with left hand each. Their right hand firmly placed, respectfully on their hearts. It made my day. Tears coursed down my cheeks. Micah ran in spurts a 1 mile kid’s race, Skyler ran a 5 mile adult race with his Mom. Micah got a medal (I jogged along with him while oldest daughter ran with Skyler.) Getting ready for fireworks. Hope you had a special weekend, Colleen. Happy 4th! ☆☆☆▪.

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  2. Great post Colleen, just as usual. We need to remember, if we live in a free country to appreciate this every day 😀
    Right now where I live in Spain I have learned that freedom is not for all to have, so appreciate your freedom 😉


  3. I am very grateful for what we enjoy as Americans. I feel like we often don’t consider the privileges that come by way of our citizenship. I celebrated the 4th at home and without much actual “celebration,” except that I did listen to some very stirring patriotic music on the radio. LOL! Nothing spells “aged” like admitting that. Ha! But it was a nice day. Your day sounds really special, Colleen. I would love to take part in something that brings a community together in patriotic celebration. 🙂 Very nice!


    • My husband said, as we hit the bike trail, that he wished he had loaded a bunch of big band patriotic music to blare as we rode. Second best….we went to a symphony! On the bike ride! 🙂

      And like you, I am extremely grateful. There is something in the news every day that reminds me. I’d be happy to just be happy, and know that others in other places were happy as well. I don’t want to be happy by comparison. I wish it for us all.


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