32 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Reading the comments made me realize that I viewed the image quite differently. The twisted ropes of the swing, making it not accessible and inviting, represent for me the twists of real childhood, the trials and hard lessons we all are confronted with. The twisted ropes for me represent the “real” nature of childhood and existence rather than the Disneyland, unattainable fantasy of what we think childhood to be. Even though it’s hard, I’ll take real over fantasy any day.


    • I so appreciate the depth of what you can see. Your comment reminds me of something I read yesterday about how adults should not burden children with adult problems and issues. It made me think of how adults are responsible for those twisted ropes, when I read your words.


  2. It sent me to places in my memory. My grandpa and grandma had only one rope swing with a wooden seat. It taught us to take turns and enjoy each other. 3 of us working as a team. My one brother got the most rides since we still consider him the “baby.” 🙂


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