The Coffee Shop

I walked in to the empty, but for the two employees, coffee shop.  It was small, clean, pleasant.  And mine.

I ordered a frozen coffee drink.  A blueberry streusel.

Quietly I took a seat.  It didn’t take long to devour the streusel.  It was flaky.  And good.  Not too sweet.  But plenty sweet enough.

I sat.

I took the time to look around the coffee shop.  There was nothing to distract me.  Other than my thoughts.  When I looked at the clock I had only been there ten minutes.

My brain started to switch to thoughts of what I needed to do back at the office.

I made myself stop thinking of that.   And think of something, anything, else.  Something other than what I have to do.   Enjoy not having to do something.  For twenty more minutes.  I do not need to rush back just because I finished the task at hand:  go in to the coffee shop, get a coffee something and a ‘to eat’ something.

I can do this.

I can sit.


In a coffee house.  Enjoy the feeling of the quiet.  Of the no demands.  Of the not multi-tasking task of getting as much done as possible,  and get it done quickly.

I made myself be slow.

I made myself continue to sit.

I “made” myself soon turned in to plain old   …..  I continued to sit.




It wasn’t that I had to force myself to enjoy this.  I did enjoy this.  Immensely.   It was that I felt obligated to do other things.  Be to other places.  Accomplish what needed done.

And for a very blissful thirty minutes I experienced life on my terms.   They weren’t harsh.  They weren’t hurried.  They weren’t stressful.  They weren’t lazy.  They weren’t demanding.  The terms were constructed of existing in the joy, of allowing a settled and comfortable presence.

 In the coffee shop.

Coffee shop

79 thoughts on “The Coffee Shop

  1. Nice…
    “Me” time is so important.
    It removes the resentment (and guilt) from “having” to do other things.
    Schedule more of those “me times” into your schedule it will work wonders. 🙂


  2. Colleen, I understand this to 110% – GOOD on YOU! …. I often do this, chose an empty place to just sit down and spend time with myself. It’s a fantastic feeling and experience with of course a nice piece of cake and big mug of coffee. Great image too … you’re very good with your camera.


  3. That’s great that you can get “away” from all pressures for even 30 minutes a day to just “be.” That is not easy to do with all the thoughts going through our brains when we have a lot of pressures at work or/and home. btw, I LOVE blueberry streusel!


  4. I’m having one of these spells right now

    I’m not working today so am presently sat in the gazebo, in the garden

    it’s a pleasant day, not too hot – sun’s out, but a bit of a breeze

    and it’s quiet

    but for the sound of bird-song

    the dogs are fast asleep at my feet

    as I watch a couple of squirrels and a variety of birds quarrel over the treats I have put out for them at the foot of the garden

    I feel a great sense of peace and tranquility right now – as if I am separate from the rest of the world, in my own little bubble where time moves at a different pace than it does for other folk

    there’s is so much pressure on us all, these days, I think we need to find a time and a space – if only for a short time – when/where we can shut down external stimuli, enjoy some peace and tranquility, and recharge our spiritual batteries !

    P.S. no wine was harmed in the posting of this comment – but I am about to open a bottle now 😆

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    • Duncan, I think we our bubbles were floating in the same vicinity of one another.

      It’s amazing how much 30 minutes can do for our well being and spiritual recharge.

      I hope that bottle was extra fine today. Your answer here makes me wish I could have sat down with you for a glass (I’ll save the wine for you and toast you with iced tea). 😉


  5. Coffee – it seems – was your yoga for the day. So glad that you had “bean” able to enjoy the slow roast of the cafe! Days like these mellow the spirit and allow us to sip at life rather than gulp it down. I feel like I was there with you, Colleen – thanks for the chat!


  6. It’s interesting how all we want sometimes is downtime, but then when we get it we struggle to fully enjoy it and even feel guilty for having it. We need to understand that “me time” is perfectly okay and needed. Good for you for making yourself sit and enjoy the time that you had.


    • Thank you MeWhoAmI. I always love the ‘idea’ of doing something this simple. I actually pass coffee/tea shops and envision it. But never do it. Until this day. I enjoyed it so much. I’m going to do it again. 🙂

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  7. It’s hard to relax so totally when you’re not used to it. And as you pointed out, it’s hard when there’s so much to do. I’m glad you stuck with it and enjoyed it.



    • Sigh….. I know in my field that many people have to work on the road and sometimes “work” is actually “lunch” at where ever they can get connected to work. But this day? I chose to actually take my lunch. And I think I was better for it.


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