The Direction of Acceptance

I’m not always going to be comfortable with everything about you.

That doesn’t mean I don’t care.

That doesn’t mean I’m judging.

That doesn’t mean I think less of you.

That doesn’t mean anything other than there are things I’m not comfortable with.

I hope that doesn’t make you

Not care

Judge me

Think less of me.

Acceptance is not one directional.

32 thoughts on “The Direction of Acceptance

  1. The only reason I would stop being friends with someone would be if they were not accepting of my opinions or tried to change me, Colleen. I am certainly not a judgmental person but do back off from those who are prejudiced. I am unsure I want to receive their messages. There is something to be said about protecting your time by listening or reading things you enjoy and learn from. Not things you feel are a waste of time.
    My parents felt some things would “pollute” our thoughts. I am not for censorship; just the right to choose.


    • There are many messages, like you Robin, that I don’t want either. I have been pretty lucky, the people in my life have never been hateful or forceful regarding negative beliefs. Differences? Absolutely. But a graciousness (for the most part) on not being identical with one another.

      And I agree with your parents, there is plenty of pollution out there.


      • We are ones who go the extra mile to try and understand and bridge our differences. Many try this and it is a positive part of the people we care about seem to be like this.
        When you said, “Acceptance is not one directional,” Colleen, I agree 🙂

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