It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are

You will suffer loss and sorrow.

Loss and Lost

You cannot grasp the vastness beyond us.


You can’t slow down time.

Slow Down Time

Love is never on sale.

Not For Sale

You cannot have forever.



Not Forever

But you can-

Love even in loss.

Enjoy the curiosity of the universe(s).

Run with the time of your life.

Have love no matter the cost.



Just not here.

I only know what I believe.

24 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are

  1. I could not express this in any form better, Colleen. As I was looking at your words with a sense of inability to change, fix or make something live or last longer; I was trying to figure out how to respond.
    Then, you answered each one with a word of hope. Great way to balance it out!!


  2. Oh, this made me tear up. The holding on to time and the last panel, especially. ❀ Beautiful message and your drawings really show the impact. ❀


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