Do You Know Her?

I sometimes delude myself in to thinking I’m something super human.  I can sometimes look in the mirror and envision Wonderful Woman looking back.  I have a great imagination.  Or I’m delusional.

Then I look at you.  Delusion identified.  Truth exposed.

I look at you and see a Woman doing as much as any Woman can.   I see you being a mother.   And being a damn fine mother at that.   If I could draw I would draw you as a ten foot tall woman, with your children sitting comfortable across one shoulder while the other hand is raised to ward off anything and everything bad.   You are a guardian of their childhood.  You know when to teach.   When and how to guide.   You know when to laugh with.   You know how to comfort.   And you know how to protect.  Your sacrifice for your children is admirable, honorable and the very definition of motherhood.

You are braver than any other person I know.   You take charge and get things done.  You don’t complain.   When there was no one else to lean on you did the only thing you could, and you stood up straighter.   Where others have toppled over from having no one to lean on, you keep getting stronger.  Straighter.  Taller.

And braver.

You live by example.   Working hard and making your way.   Making a way for your children.    You know that life is not just about working and you play for the sake of playing.   Laughing and enjoying.   Because it’s part of a great life.

If sadness creeps in you meet it in the hallway.   You address it.  You deal with it.  And you send it on it’s way.

If fear has ever entered I suspect you put a smack down on it.   Because I have never seen it.

Your eyes are sharp and observant.   Ever watchful.   Ever guarding.  Vigilant against harm.

You smile with genuine love for the good things in life.   The celebration in life, yours or anyone else’s.

In a world of chaos and confusion you are grounded.   Secure in what you know to be right.   You trust in love.  You believe in commitment.

I travel your path in my head.   And I shake my head in wonder.    You never let the path determine where you are going.   You have taken the path and directed it through life.

I admire who you are.   What you do.    And how you do it.

In a world where hero is not always properly defined I have no delusion about this:

You are a Wonderful Woman.  You are a hero to your children.   You are a hero to those of us who were unable to do all that you do.   

You are a model of hero.  Motherhood.   Powerful Woman.