59 thoughts on “Love Is…

  1. No hating allowed for those who cannot help their metabolism, especially loved ones! Colleen, it used to drive me crazy about people who could do this. My 40’s were a major stress, weight gain and ovreally frustrating period of time. My dear Mom gave me a case of Slim Fast one vacation week and my ex got chocolate candy bars, ice cream and roast beef sandwiches. 😦 I still loved HIM but was sort of annoyed at my “traitorous” mother!) Lol


    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is a great story Robin! Gotta love our moms! I once said “back when I was skinny” and my mom said “Colleen you were never skinny!” 😀 No hate at all. Have to own I’m a little jealous at times though!


  2. So I guess I don’t love Tyler as much because there are plenty of times I gaze at him with hate after we eat something fatty ^_^ JK Although I am extremely jealous of his metabolism.


  3. And that he doesn’t mind if you eat the same, even if your waistline isn’t as fortunate, is unconditional love

    (not saying you, necessarily, just in general 😀 )


    • He has no clue what size I am. It has no bearing on the amount of his love. 🙂 When we got married I told him he always had to weigh 40 lbs more than me. 🙂 He failed that part!


  4. As long as he doesn’t do it in front of you while taking tantalizing bites and teasing you until you give in and attack and eat everything on his plate…in which case I’d just have to say, that’s all very weird.


      • Yeah for the blood work supporting the metabolism. I knew you would be on top of all the necessary components.
        Yesterday was one of those days when nothing sounded good or tasted good. I finally ended up with protein powder in a smoothie but that’s not my preferred method. I was born thinking I was hungry. I never thought in a a million years I’d go all day and not think about ‘what’s to eat.’


        • “I was born thinking I was hungry” Sheri, this is the truth!!!! I had a friend who’s husband was like that ALWAYS. She would ask him after work what he had for lunch and he would stop, look up, think, and say “I forgot to eat”. Really? Is that possible? I guess it is!

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            • You sound like my dear friend at work. Diabetic since she was 5 or 6. Though she is now on the pump, she still maintains a carb journal. Some of her doctors were well ahead of their time. She uses today’s technology with her long time proven logs and such. Approaching 70 and amazingly good health!

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  5. Indeed, that’s true love. ❤ My husband is the same way. He eats almost constantly and he's still at his high school weight. All I have to do is look at his food and I gain weight. lol!


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