Every day

We connect.

We bridge.

Bridge 10


Because we need to get from here to there.

Or be connected to get something done.

Aesthetically pleasing

Or not.

It works.

Power Bridge


With the solidity of brick and mortar.

Steel and beams.

Bold Bridge

There is a beauty in it’s power

To hold us up

And get us where we need to be.

Curved Bridge

No one ever said

A bridge needed to be straight.

If they did

They were wrong.

Bridge To

Some bridge’s

Only purpose

Is to get to who is on the other side.

Hidden Bridge

I suspect

I am not the only one

Who isn’t even always aware

Of the bridges they cross.

Connecting Bridge

Because we need to be connected.

We take and build bridges

So we aren’t alone.

Because someone or something

Is worth going over to-for-or even to leave behind.

Without even realizing it

Some bridges are created

To surpass even…us.

To avoid us.

Go over us.

Bridge Over

Or protect us.

And in a day

We may not even notice

The number of bridges-

That we need

That we take advantage of

That we build.

I started to pay attention and count

I counted nine bridges

And stopped counting.

I just need them to be there

It’s not important that I know how many I need in a day –

It matters that I don’t cross the span

Without the bridge.