The Genetic Code

Where family gathers.

Familiar faces

Separated by generations

Distance and time-

I still see connections;

In the eyes

In the smiles

In the line of a sturdy jaw,

In the stance.

I hear connections;

In familiar laughs

In common memories


In deep tones.

I recognize connections

Generations deep

Forged in heritage.

The genetic code

Cannot broken.

20 thoughts on “The Genetic Code

  1. Oh, Colleen! Exactly, generations forged with connections deep and spiritual. โ˜†
    Familiar faces (family, whether adopted, born into or drawn together by circumstances) are the best! โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก


  2. There is also a hidden code, I find. A secret code – that outsiders can never unlock. It’s in our mannerisms, it’s in our thoughts, it’s in our choices. Some patterns are visible to the naked eye, while others are take a special coded chromosome which contains super-powers – for the family only. Lovely post. I can only imagine the context which inspired it’s creation.


  3. Agreed, but it is in their nature I see it most. My third child and I were discussing how tough some people are in times of trouble compared to others. She said, ‘I think I’d be tough’ ( I know she would be), but I told her how could she not be, she has her grandparents DNA and my mums as well as my own. All very tough characters.

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    • Pretty perceptive of your young one Tric. To see strength in others AND recognize it in self.

      And I love that you have these kind of discussions with your child. Part of your wonderful family traits.


  4. Wonderful celebration of family, Colleen. Sometimes I am very in touch with my grandmothers or aunts that have passed when I recognize them in other family members. I love that connection. Thank you for sharing such powerful words.


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