It Will Fall Under Me

My theory

Is that this bridge was built

To hold trains

Weighing thousands of tons.


I ride across it.

Not weighing thousands of tons.

Not even a ton.


It will crash and fall

When I’m on it.


Ride fast


Right down the middle

And without looking left or right.

Because looking left or right

Will also make it fall.

And riding fast and in the middle

Means I can out ride

As the trestles fall.

Train Bridge

30 thoughts on “It Will Fall Under Me

      • I hardly think you’re the only one. I mean, think of the likelihood of something happening while you’re on a roller coaster. I mean it happens but those things are super tested in this day and age. Yet it is the fear/thrill factor that attracts most people (but not me!!)


  1. Bridges have a funny effect with me too sometimes. Still beautiful and frightening all at once. I would speed up too all the same. 🙂


  2. I find bridges a lot more comfortable if I don’t think! I don’t know about going across by bike…how fast can you pedal? Maybe carry a little parachute in your backpack. 🙂

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  3. I don’t know the word that describes this type of writing…but it’s wonderful. Perhaps we should call it “Should Be Colleening” style.

    And do you have a fear of falling or being underneath? I remember your writing awhile back about that stone bridge.


    • 🙂 You have a fabulous memory Koji. The stone bride I think I was fearful when I was on it, AND then fearful when I was under it. In general it’s the falling off or it breaking under me kind of fear.

      And thank you friend.

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