42 thoughts on “I Stood At The Bottom

  1. Gorgeous and majesty me sing Louis Armstrong’s song, “I see skies of blue. . . And u think to myself what a beautiful world we live in.” (Beautiful life or wonderful life, in this photo you captured it:) )


  2. This reminded me of a card my brother sent me when life was tough for me and I was struggling, ‘even the longest journey starts with a single step’. Your photos would have fitted on that card very well.


    • Thank you. This trip gave me a lot of inspiration. I needed a get away. And I needed these lifts myself. I’m glad that you are past that time of struggle Tric. And that you had someone as thoughtful as your brother.


  3. A perfect illustration for life’s challenges and what we need to overcome, Colleen. Sometimes it really is just one foot in front of the other and looking up! Well done!


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