I’m Not What, Or Who, You Think I Am

I’m not what you think I am.

And I’m not what I wish I was.

I am a coward who can have brave moments.

I am not a thief but might steal to survive.

I am not a killer but could I kill to protect my child.

I’m not an advocate but I will stand up for what I think is right.

I write my thoughts but I don’t write my all.

I do not fear death but I do not want to die.

I do good deeds but fail at genuine kindness.

I have worked hard at many things and never met my potential.

I love my husband but don’t always act with love.

I cannot carry a tune but I sing every day.

I cherish my family but don’t always make the time.

I think I am good but know I am capable of bad.

I try to be responsible and succeed at times in doing nothing.

I am realistic to the core but dream of possibilities every day.

I am rooted firmly in home but yearn for adventure.

I believe in God but do not understand religion.

I speak with truths but do not always tell the truth.

I am what ever you think of me but not who you think I should be.

I’m not what you think I am.

And I’m not yet what I can be.


43 thoughts on “I’m Not What, Or Who, You Think I Am

  1. The honesty and openness in this is so refreshing. It’s such a wonderful attribute being able to see yourself for who you, both the good and the ‘bad’. This is how we change things. I second much of what you said. And I’ll add one that I told my mother yesterday, “I am a person of many words, who accomplishes very little.”


    • Thanks MeWhoAmI. I totally understand what you told your mom. For all that I want to be and think I am-I know my truths of what I can do better and work on. And then of course, there are the things we don’t know about ourselves because we haven’t been tested in that fashion. And hopefully in some things, we hope we never are.


  2. Colleen, your thoughts … hit just were they should hit us .. and we all recognize us in you. We are all different, but we all … carry the same worries and thoughts, but maybe put together in a different way! Just beautiful.


  3. So profound, but all I think you are genuine in your kindness and bravery, and well, I think we can be our own worst critics. Yet, the duality of Nature and what we humans are capable of yet and yet unknown and undefinedable, ineffable to even our own selves.
    Well written, and now I am thinking again. Huzzah for humanity with its perfections in imperfections, human we are all. 🙂

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  4. ‘nor am I sure what I’d like to be’.
    Love this. So much truth in it. Maybe we are ever evolving, or better people some days.
    (BTW I nearly feel I have to write you a letter I’ve been away so long. x)


    • I do feel I have “better people” days than others. Fortunately I have always been able to recognize my ‘bad people days’ and try to improve. And say I’m sorry!

      Letters always welcome! 🙂 Life sure gets busy. And you’ve had a bit of romance shoved between all of the rest of the busy of life. 😉


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