The State Of Entertainment

I think it is a rare human being who does not appreciate some form of entertainment.   I enjoy watching and reading about things that capture my sentiments of humor, sadness, romance, curiosity, or desire to learn.   What entertains me is smart humor.  Interesting people.   Fascinating documentaries.  Intriguing stories.  Overcoming obstacles.  Grant it, there are many things that entertain us all on different levels.  Some people may be entertained by cars on speedways, political debating, astronomy or psychiatry.  There’s always the sporting entertainment.   Games and challenges have long been a mainstay of our entertainment.

What does not entertain me is the embarrassing, painful, and humiliating on going commentaries about fellow human beings.  I do not find anything entertaining about it.   I cringe at stories that are trumpeted and promoted as entertainment.  Yet all they are full of is someone’s divorce, someone’s affair, someone’s heartbreak as a result of affairs or divorce.  I don’t sit at home to relax and find pleasure in someone’s fall from grace, someone who has been touted as a hero or a role model – when that person should never have been touted to begin with.

I appreciate the ability to turn off what I do not find entertaining.   But I’m disturbed by the industry that grows and grows and grows on images, creations and ideas…

That we help build.

I am continually surprised at what we encourage to grow.

This opinion does not necessarily reflect anything other than a rambling thought I had when I was trying to find something to relax with.   No other opinions were harmed during the making of this ramble.

32 thoughts on “The State Of Entertainment

  1. Yeah, I am tired of hearing about this or that celebrity divorce that is going on…or even the hacking of that site for cheaters. Seriously, how is this fun? Schadenfreude I have heard the term before, enjoyment at the downfall of others I believe.
    Personally, especially celeb divorces, it does not directly affect me, and now their lives are the fodder of “entertainment”. How is grief entertaining? I just do not see it. A coworker pointed out how one day so- and -so ‘ s daughter will read about her father cheated. She can easily look up these articles and read about what her father did to her mother…and consider this is all third hand. So what she may find may be not the whole story or biased anyway…all for the sake of entertainment.


    • Yes Niaaeryn, for all of the things you just said, my heart aches. Why are we making news out of divorces and affairs and people’s heart ache. It is not entertaining. Though I’m not a fashion hound, I get it….go ahead and report what so and so is wearing. New shows and movies? Sure. Fun things celebs are doing in the public, with the public, for the public? Okay. But I don’t get the fascination with the sadness. And you’re so right…. the kids.

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  2. I agree with you Colleen! I do not gloat over someone else’s suffering! In fact, I absolutely dread the presidential election coming up in the next year or so and having to listen to all the politicians bash each other. I absolutely hate that! Ugh


  3. Good for you. I admit to being interested in certain gossip but you hear it and move on. Other things, like reality shows, where they really dramatize what’s true just don’t hold my interest at all.


  4. You and I share the same likes apparently. When I do watch shows or videos, it’s almost always about survival stories, overcoming and documentaries of past events and present. What I do not like is the pain of others being broadcast throughout our lives. How can people take pleasure in someone’s pain? That’s terrible, but you are right. We the people, are what causes this to continue. We relish in the bad. But, if we would stop watching these things, then they would stop being made.


  5. I wanted to ask how is RaRa? I have been thinking of her for the past month, praying that she is doing well. Can give you her my best wishes and let her know she is not far from my thoughts. thanks – I know I don’t often comment, but I enjoy your posts. Always a bright spot in my day, and know when I “like” that I was here and stopped for a visit!


  6. I watch old familiar shows when I seek comfort and reliability. Sometimes Hallmark shows, concerts on PBS and old movies on Turner Classic. I don’t like sad shows about entertainment and do feel they tear people apart, Colleen.


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