32 thoughts on “It’s A Sunny Day

  1. Lovely …. your drawing as become art. We had sunny day … for nearly 5 weeks now … and I just posted my version of a sunny day, yesterday. Kids they don’t care what weather it’s … a new day means …. more fun. We should think a lot more as they do, we adults. *smile Wish a great week.


  2. I love the way this child’s exclamation has become a “go to” family outlook. πŸ™‚
    Today is an okay day but we will see “sunshine” someday soon, Colleen.
    Mom fell and had to have serious surgery today at 8 am, on her upper leg with titanium pins put in.
    I almost always believe it is a sunny day. πŸ™‚


    • Robin I am SO sorry!!! How is she now? I imagine you are with her?

      I know you almost always believe in those sunny days. I will send some sunny day thoughts and a prayer for your mom (said before I hit send to this response).


      • Thanks, Colleen for your prayer. This means a lot.β™‘ You guessed right, drove up on Saturday.
        Mom was, of course, disoriented but polite with some sense of cheer as anesthesia wore off. They gave her doses of vicoden every 4 hours. Clear chicken broth, jello and lemon ice for small dinner. She will “rally.” New plans, rehab 4-6 weeks, move to assisted living and placing lake cottage up for sale (again).
        I wish niece, her hubby, stepdaughter and baby could live there but bills will dictate outcomes.
        Brothers are great, sister in law making meatball subs and my kids sent messages, I brought decoration. xo


        • Such change……. I’m glad she has the opportunity to go to assisted living. I’m so sorry for all that she is going through, and all that you and your family have to watch her go through. Prayers for quick healing and a happy heart for her Robin.


  3. You made me smile….it’s all in how we look at things sometimes. There may be clouds hanging around but eventually the sun does shine, and good things happen.


    • Exactly. My first airplane flight I was stunned (though I knew it) to see the sun shining above the clouds, even though below they couldn’t see it. Then seeing the different spots of the earth that were sunny vs. shaded ….. amazing. It IS always shining. πŸ™‚


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