Landing Softly

I was sitting on my deck

Playing my guitar

And the sun was landing softly

Atop the roof of my cabin

I grabbed my camera to take a picture

I hesitated

And put the camera down.

That picture would never capture the soft yet bright glow

Breaking through the trees

And shining on me

And my guitar.

Β I didn’t want to ruin that sun’s moment

Of perfect shine.

37 thoughts on “Landing Softly

  1. Very well expressed, Colleen. If you ever thought you liked the premise of James Thurber story about Walter Mitty, the movie was very good with Ben Stiller. There is a monent, when Sean Penn is focusing his camera on a white tiger on a mountain top. He instead uses his lens to watch but not capture the shot. He lets Walter Mitty look at the Tiger, too. He says something poignant which explains a lot about seeing real things just for our mind’s sake.


      • Well at least the story is not a whole book. When we were younger, my brothers and I liked a show with William Windom in it called, “My World and Welcome to It,” based on the Walter Mitty/James Thurber story. He liked to daydream. My favorite short story and you would like this one, “The Night the Bed Fell.” Not a scary story but the kids getting rambunctious. πŸ™‚


  2. I know what you mean – sometimes there is no need for the photo when your words can capture it (and yours always do). I have been a bit blog-reading-lazy lately in an effort to write more so I hope you don’t feel neglected. I guess the good thing about blogging is that you can always go back and read someone’s past posts. I have lost a heap of followers due to unfollowing the more prolific (several posts per day) bloggers but it’s only because there is no time! How do you keep up?


    • Hi Julie! I am swimming in comments and blogs to read as well. I have finally given myself permission to ‘not’ read every post of those who post numerous posts a day. I follow about 200 bloggers. Which sounds like a lot. But many don’t post daily. But those who post many many times a day, I find myself having to limit myself. I’m also giving myself permission to ‘like’ a post to let the writer know I was there and did indeed like the post when I read it. I completely understand where you’re coming from Julie. I can’t keep it up. I spend way too much time on here. (And I don’t feel neglected. πŸ™‚ I like hearing from my friends when they think of me. πŸ™‚ So thank you!)

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  3. I’m a terror for forgetting to take a photo, and often as you did here I think it would ruin the moment.
    However the other day I began to remember how many photos I’ve not taken and sadly the picture quality of my memory was poor. Very disappointing.


    • Yes, I get that. When husband and I are traveling he takes pictures by the hundreds and I’m constantly bemoaning how many he takes. Then when we get home I look at the pictures and say “is that all????”


  4. I can picture this, I would love to hear your guitar play. I saw the most beautiful young hawk sitting on my fence today, I ran with my camera but they have such sharp hearing that he heard the sound of my lens moving out and took off, I could not believe the beauty of his full wings. Lovely post Chatter, enjoyed very much, my Dad was a top notch guitar player, I got diddly squat when it came to that talent! πŸ™‚


    • I got the diddly squats too Heart. πŸ™‚ But I love taking the lessons and seeing the improvements. It’s some kind of incredible to feel music come from your fingers that you can feel in your soul, thoughts…..

      And thank you. ❀

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      • Oh, I would so love that. I never took any lessons (my father either, he had a natural talent and learned to read music by himself). I think I was switched at birth…ha!


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