This Just Happened….

…..while sitting in a doctor’s office.   Actually I was sitting in the hallway at the doctor’s office.  Waiting to have my eyeballs scanned by the doctor.   One of the staff was hanging out with me because I was asking questions and we entered in to a conversation about….  Doesn’t matter.

What happened was….  While talking I said “you’re probably too young to know about this”.

I dropped my head.

Looked back up at her and said “that is the first time in my life I’ve said that”.    She laughed.

I aged one hundred years with eight words.

Damn.  It.


52 thoughts on “This Just Happened….

  1. “Look at that sweet, little young Colleen,” says the 80 year old to the 95 year old triplets! Did you see the Kirchner women who are identical triplets? You are so amazingly young. . . Hugs ♡
    I loved the aged look to the edges of this. I have been saying that expression for years, by the way. . . Must mean I am older! 🙂


      • I will embrace getting older and wiser if and when I make it to these goals! Thanks and happy to get you smiling, Colleen. Mom is doing pull ups on an over the bed gymnasium. They are convinced her upper body strength is necessary. It will help “save her” once she falls and maybe help her coordination. Funny though, she complains About therapy but rarely complains To therapists. 🙂 Artist brother gets annoyed. I just laugh and figure we may someday be “in her shoes.”


  2. I think we all been there …. with words that we would liked unsaid. And you were probably right. *smile .. not end of the world, neither for the doctor or you. *smile


  3. Call her back and tell her, “On second thought, you probably are old enough…” and watch that cane disappear. So true. We had a neighbor a few years back who saw our phone on the wall and asked, “What’s that?” She probably thought the Beatles were bugs. Life is interesting, and funny. 🙂


  4. lol! I know it isn’t really funny, but it is because I’ve heard those words come out of my mouth once or twice in the past few years. Funny how words can age us so quickly.


  5. That is funny…but I am there with you as I have been saying that quite a bit already…and only in week 2. You are not so much old as you are circumspect that others may not be aware of the same experiences…yeah, I will walk with you on this one, cane and all, so long as there are spiffy or retro hats, love an excuse for hats. 🙂


  6. Love your “photo,” Colleen. You still look “spry for your age.” LOL! I work with university students…it’s very hard NOT to say that every single day. 🙂


  7. Do you realize how old you made me feel by declaring this is the first time you’ve ever said something I’ve had to tell people for years, MBC? 😉 You are so dang young. ❤ Great BlogHead drawing here.


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