Blue Checkered Suit

We went in to an establishment last night.  And I couldn’t help but watch the people.  All the people.  I became enamored of a tall, thin, young man.   He appeared sullen of face.  But that didn’t fit with the style he chose to wear.

The Suit

Then I saw him smile.  I saw him dance.  I saw his personality merge with his suit.  He spent the night making that suit come alive with the personality and confidence that gave life to that suit.

And it all fit.

34 thoughts on “Blue Checkered Suit

    • I know! I didn’t think we had a picture of him but Husband has one! I was surprised. I purposely did NOT take a picture. I didn’t want him to think I was stalking him. 😉 I really enjoyed watching him to learn about the man wearing that suit. I never spoke a word to him but felt like I did learn!


  1. I like that you went into an establishment. Not enough people go into establishments they go to restaurants and pubs and dives. You know the nice thing about having a writer for a friend? She goes into establishments and the literary world is a better place,


  2. Bravo to him! Way to kick the blues with dance. 😉
    Love a well dressed man…sucker for suits…and vests truth be told, and kilts…ah, I love it all when they wear with confidence and just plain are looking good. 🙂
    Sounds like a wonderful evening all round 🙂


  3. I like trying new places and also, am truly a people watcher. I have found out the greatest stories through people who observed me smiling at them and even nodding my head, Colleen. Like you learned about the woman who lost her daughter and shared her idea to help make her memory become an active gift to others.
    I like how the picture and your story made me think of an old expression,”Zoot suit.”
    You captured the “essence” of the man in the blue checkered suit. 🙂 all in your picture and observations.


    • Someone suggested it would be nice if he could see this. I think so too. I do love the people watching Robin. It’s wonderful to see people and their reactions and interactions. And I love learning their actual stories, like Miss Renee’s. There’s a world full of beautiful people. 🙂 Some in blue checkered suits and all!


  4. Astute people watching–and what a snappy suit! They say “clothes make the man,” and perhaps that’s true! Your drawing clearly shows he has a distinct and interesting sense of style. 🙂


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