51 thoughts on “So, What Am I

  1. Probably not a bad idea, but I just wanted to let you know…you are actually a sea manatee. In fact, if find it very strange that you are able to write so many blogs considering you complete lack of appendages.


      • Things are good up here, in Cleveland.
        Thanks for sharing your 7.5 mi. hike. 🙂 Second day taking Mom out in area in wheelchair. Yesterday, we watched movie, walking through myriad of 3 buildings to her apt. Today, walked the perimeter of the buildings, stopped watching ducks, geese, sunset and my brother brought her little dog, Nicki. Mom held onto her pup and showed her off when we took her back to rehabilitation end of building.
        Came home to find 7 cute photos of Hendrix in my inbox on cell phone from DIL. He has a “onesie” on, with bananas and monkeys and he is stretching, for example. Pretty outstanding weekend, Colleen.


  2. i think it’s impossible not to observe, but just don’t place too much meaning on the observation! We are all transitioning into a new picture of who we think we are anyway, so it’s best not to get too attached to our thoughts. 🙂


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