It’s Still Ridiculous

Someone told me I can’t just say:

“That’s ridiculous”

And expect things to change.

She was right.

But it’s still ridiculous.

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50 thoughts on “It’s Still Ridiculous

  1. You can if you make it some sort of magic spell. Come on, point your wand and say ‘ridiculous!’

  2. reocochran says:

    It seems to help improve our mood to exclaim,”This is ridiculous.” This alone may be enough.

  3. Gibber says:

    Totally ridiculous!

  4. Ann Koplow says:

    It’s ridiculous how much I love everything about this post.

  5. inmycorner says:

    .. and it still hasn’t changed! Grin. Why should it? What else would we giggle about, talk about, write about, debate about, laugh about, cry about…?

  6. Sometimes it just feels good to say, “It’s ridiculous!”

  7. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I agree!

  8. mewhoami says:

    She was right, but even so it sure can be ridiculous!

  9. Anonymous says:

    That’s ridicul……..but wait, you already that.

  10. […] Chatter Blog’s It’s Still Ridiculous makes a totally valid point. I loved this because I found myself thinking a bunch of things were […]

  11. Mustang.Koji says:

    Ridiculous all you want, Chatter Master!

  12. Debra says:

    Sometimes that is the only word that really fits! I hear ya!

  13. That made me chuckle. 🙂

  14. niaaeryn says:

    I diagree, I think pointing out ridiculous is the gateway to change sometimes. 🙂

  15. tric says:

    I prefer a heartfelt ‘A for fecks sake’, but it can mean ‘ridiculous’

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