World By Design

Bike Cobblestone

The world should be

Designed and built

So all it takes to travel

To coffee shops


And cafes

Is a bike ride.

Bike Cafe

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32 thoughts on “World By Design

  1. niaaeryn says:

    A wonderful world it would be indeed. 🙂


  2. If so it would be possible to visit all our world Colleen. Wow 😀


  3. Absolutely! They should be able to be reached by a bike ride!


  4. April says:

    Have to have a way to work off those calories after visiting the bakery!


  5. Sounds like a good design to me too Colleen! ❤
    Diana xo


  6. inmycorner says:

    Oh – that would be grand! Everything pedaled within peddling distance! A roll for a roll!


  7. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Exactly. Bike AND pedestrian friendly.


  8. Right and no dangerous roadways, just bike friendly…and maybe the bike can fly too!!


  9. Robin says:

    Oh, how I wish that were true!! Or even just a walk away. Maybe you should design the world. 😀


  10. Bike and walk. I will take it. Sometimes I yearn to move to a pedestrian/bike friendly place. Holland maybe – wouldn’t it be lovely.


  11. tric says:

    Ireland is a bit too hilly but I can recommend Malaga. 🙂


  12. reocochran says:

    A beautiful world with simple realities. Bicyclists being caring, natural and polite~ the world would be a better place indeed.
    I can walk to five ice cream places and four coffee places. I would need to keep my bike at one of my kids’ houses since I don’t want it sitting in my bedroom or dining room, Colleen 🙂
    Dairy Depot, Dairy Point and Whit’s Custard Shoppe. (See other ice cream place below).
    The Mean Bean is now “Something Sweet,” Choffey’s Coffee, Tim Hortons /Coldstone Cremery, and Chelley Belly. I like our UDF with ice cream and tables, inside and on a side patio, too. ♡


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