Pea In A Pod On The Launch Pad Of Life

Years ago there was an elderly gentleman who used to call my friend at work.   The older gentleman would leave my friend voice mail messages in the middle of the night when he was awake and thinking about things.   Some messages may be questions or comments in regards to something my friend may do for him.


They were just messages.  The older gentleman’s random thoughts or philosophizing moments.

One day he told my friend in a two or three a.m. voice mail:

“I’m just a pea in a pod on the launch pad of life.”

I’ve never forgotten that.

And all these years later I still feel like I know exactly what he means.

Whether it makes sense or not….it feels right.  I say it, it feels good, it feels right.   It resonates as pretty daggone accurate.   And it makes me think of that older fella.  And remember him.

Pea Pod