Comfort Past

Aren’t there some things that give you comfort …..forever.

Don’t you just want to grab on to something that gives you comfort.

Something that makes you feel safe.

Even if it was before you knew what it was.

You just knew that the presence, the touch, the person….

Was comfort.

Β Comfort of the past giving comfort forever.

32 thoughts on “Comfort Past

  1. This photograph and the meaning in the words was so precious and dear to me, as you know. I had a special “dose” of Hendrix who is a sweet, easygoing grandbaby. I usually don’t hold his fingers but we had a lot of eye contact and I sang a few songs to him. πŸ™‚


  2. Colleen, this is just such an intuitive post. I need that comfort now. While chocolate and books fill comfort in general, that tiny hand is somehow symbolic of my own holding my mum’s. A need to see her( she lives thousands of miles away) has become very important as of late. Our hands are similar in size now. But I desperately want to hold it.


  3. When I walk in my front door of my home I feel my shoulders relax. When I walk in the door of my childhood home so many moments from the past surround me and as I sit in the kitchen of that house with my brothers and sisters around me I return to the child I used to be and I am so comforted and at peace.


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