Uniquely The Same


We are all different.


Aren’t we really

All the same?

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35 thoughts on “Uniquely The Same

  1. I think you are right. We are samely different. (I made up a new word. I’ll make sure it gets put into Websters. haha!)


  2. reocochran says:

    Outstanding perspective, Colleen. Yes, we are the same by our wishing to be liked and accepted as unique individuals.
    Your explanation made it clear as a bell!


  3. Great way to say so Colleen.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Then who is that in the mirror?


  5. niaaeryn says:

    An interesting paradox, and one that I find myself questioning often. I will go with yeah, so we are all the same being different. Why not? And last heard we are all made of star stuff. So hence we are also all cosmically groovy people. 🙂

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  6. NotAPunkRocker says:

    If everyone is special, then nobody is (from “The Incredibles”). True, but then no…


  7. Hmm let me think about this. All individual..therefore all different…but as you same because we are that way….we are the same..and now I’m confusing myself so quietly shutting the door behind me… 😊

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  8. Hmm maybe!

    I think we’re all way more alike than we are different Colleen. ❤
    Diana xo


  9. Paul says:

    Interesting question Colleen. Depends on how many dimensions you are willing to assign to reality. If you assign a dimension to track differences, then we would all have a commonness in that dimension. Paradoxically enough,if you carry subjectivity far enough, it becomes objectivity and if you carry objectivity far enough it becomes subjectivity. In other words, there is a part of you in me and a part of me in you. In that dimension,there is a commonness in our differences.

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    • Paul, I may not be able to explain your comment to others. But I am utterly surprised that I got it. 😉 And I like it.


      • Paul says:

        You have done a few posts on dimensions and I have given it some thought over the years. It is uncommon for me to meet someone who has considered the fact that we likely live in many more dimensions that the three physical plus time. When you get down to quantum level it is apparent that there are whack-a-doodle pile of other dimensions. Many think that a good approximation of the physical universe can be had with 11 dimensions – but that is physical and does not include our spirits or souls or emotions. And that 11 dims is just an approximation – it appears that there are many more – likely an infinite number , but each contains slightly less info than the previous one/. 😀


  10. markbialczak says:

    Great brain teaser, MBC!


  11. Robin says:

    Ha! I’ve often wondered the same thing. 😀


  12. I had to stop for a moment to turn this over in my head. Good one, Colleen! I guess you’re right. 🙂

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  13. inmycorner says:

    Hmm. It’s like that Star Trek quandry where the robot burns out by this sort of conundrum: “I never lie” said Kirk. “I am lying to you.” Remember that one?


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