Enough So


I’m fascinated by creation.  Creation in all of it’s magnificent forms.

So I keep trying to learn about different forms of creating.

So I can create more.

Initially I thought it was about ability.

I’m trying something new.

With shading I drew a cup.  Without drawing a cup.   I looked at it critically and was a little sad that my ability is not natural.

I put the drawing aside.

Days later, an eight year old found it.   Picked it up and said “did you draw this cup?”  She kept looking at it and said “wow, this is really good, I can’t believe you drew this”.

Critically I had examined my expectations, my thought processes, my abilities.

With her words I re-examined my critical thoughts.

I learned how to draw a cup…..enough.   Enough so that it resembled a cup.   Enough so that someone else recognized it.

Enough so-to recognize that learning is good.

And will always lead to more desire.

To learn more.

To fulfill desires.

To create.

To have eight year olds think learning and creating and desires are a very good thing.

Not Just A Cup