How Are You Going To Die?

Are you going to die happy?

Happy with the way you’ve lived your life.  Happy with the people you chose to fill your life with.  Happy with the way you spoke to your children, took care of your aging parents, and treated your co-workers.   Happy with the laughter you chose as background music to your life.  Happy with the life you created with the person you chose as your partner.

Are you going to die pleased?

Pleased with the work you produced.  Pleased with the thought you took care to think before you spoke.  Pleased with the reactions of the people in your world when you walked in to a room.  Pleased with the effort you put in to a life lived well.

Are you going to die tired?

Tired from expending your energies making the world a better place than when you arrived.  Tired from crying at sappy movies. Tired from laughing at goofy jokes.  Tired from lifting yourself up when you were down.  And tired from helping others lift themselves up when they were down.  Tired from exhausting every chance you had at living fully.

Are you going to die peacefully?

Peaceful with the efforts you made at resolving ill will you created or you suffered from.  Peaceful with the attitude you presented during difficult times.  Peaceful with the choices you made and resolved yourself to see through.

Are you going to die thankfully?

Thankful for the love you received.  Thankful for the love you gave.  Thankful for the forgiveness you gave.  Thankful someone else forgave you.  Thankful for the wisdom you gained from every mistake you made.  Thankful for the time you had.

Are you going to die wishfully?

Wishing you had more to give.  Wishing you had given more.  Wishing you had time to do more because you always looked for more to do.  Wishing you had been better, done better.

Are you going to die hopefully?

Hoping you will be missed.  Hoping you mattered.  Hoping that what you did meant something to someone.  Hoping that the smiles you left behind far outnumber the weight of the tears you caused.

I wonder these things for myself.  And have decided if I’m not ready to die with the answers I would get right now, I better start living the way I want to die.