I’m going to buy a whiskey

And a cigar

And sit in a smokey, musky, not very bright place.

And let brilliance find me.


Then I’ll give brilliance the whiskey and the cigar

Because I don’t drink or smoke.

But I like the idea of that setting.

It’s where I envision the old writers of yore.

58 thoughts on “Ambience

  1. πŸ™‚

    The artist for the comic “Pearls Before Swine” always draws himself with a cigarette even though he says he doesn’t smoke. Something about the creative process when he pictures himself in cartoon form translates to that πŸ™‚


    • I love that! πŸ™‚ And I get it. When I draw “myself” most people think that is a smile ….. but it’s actually supposed to just be my face, without an expression. There is no mouth or nose drawn. But I think it really captures me, expressionless.


  2. I say we go for it, get some good cubans and good scotch (of course there is no such thing as good scotch imo.) and belly up to a smokey bar and talk all intellectual and laid back! Fun!


  3. Very much the image of the turf fires here and people gathered around telling stories and singing songs long ago. They would certainly take the whiskey.
    Lovely imagery. I’m lucky to have been to such places which still exist here, just not as plentiful.


    • Yes Tric. If I could do any justice to drawing the images I’ve seen in my head while there, and while writing there, I would have portrayed them. I’ve sat in Synge’s chair to write (I know some don’t care for him, but I loved that it exists), I’ve sat at castles and abbeys and pubs and mountain tops and ruins and while husband drove the car there. I could envision myself in that very image you paint. I did in a 200 year old thatched house we stayed in for a week. ❀


  4. Ahhhh, enjoyment. One Christmas night I was delivering gas to a local service station in a blinding snow storm. I had driven all day in the storm and when I arrived, the lot wasn’t recently plowed. The station was an older one and had 6 small (5,000 gallon) in-ground holding tanks all of which siphoned (were connected together by pipe underground) and none of which could be found in the snow. I shoveled for an hour to find the tank fills and when I measured the amount in each tank, realized that what I had to deliver would only just fit , by about 10 gallons. With siphoned tanks that was an issue because what you put into one tank quickly ran to the others – so you couldn’t measure, determine you needed 3,000 gallons to fill the tank and put it in – no, it would redistribute itself, and never evenly, to all the other tanks.That meant that the last 25% of the load was spent moving hoses from tank to tank to tank putting in what would fit – measuring, connecting, pouring, disconnecting, measuring, connecting, pouring, disconnecting, measuring…. In a snowstorm. And we were required to do a detail report of how much went into each tank.

    So, I was dragging hoses from tank to tank in a foot of snow, wet, cold, tired on Christmas night when a customer walked over. He was a tall distinguished looking man with a silver goatee and heavy expensive overcoat who looked exactly like Hemingway. He spoke:

    “You must be getting paid well for this.”

    “Yep, almost what I’m worth.But I’d still rather be in front of the fireplace with a glass of 18 year old Glenfiddich and a cigar.”

    He laughed, said that was exactly what he was going to do, wished me a Merry Christmas, turned and left.

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