Hammer Time

Some days we’re the hammer.

Some days we’re the nail.

To make sure others know when they are being a hammer

To my nail

I’m going to make cards like this.

And write their name on the handle.

Hammer Time

And give them the card.

Just in case they don’t realize they are hammering on my head.

38 thoughts on “Hammer Time

  1. Bwahaha! Too funny Colleen – I really like your sense of humor. In trucking we have a similar saying – sometimes you are the bug and sometimes you are the windshield. In business still another: Give a person a hammer and everything looks like a nail. Speaking of business, your card idea would be a really cost effective way to communicate hard feelings in a stressful business environment. Just have a few hundred cards made up with each employee’s caricature as a nail and let them pass them out by filling in the name on the hammer as they deem fit. Awesome communication tool. You could be a business consultant guru.

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    • That’s what I thought too. Instead of harsh words, if I feel I’m being hammered I can just pull out a card, write so and so’s name on it and hand it to them. Now, the facial expression when I hand it is key. I either look pathetic, pouty (I don’t care for that word), frustrated or angry…. so the message is obviously clear.

      Guru. I think that’s the first guru comment I’ve received. Thank you! 🙂


  2. I am sad, Colleen. There should be respect or silence if someone disagrees or has a problem. They need to never use my friend Colleen as a “Nail!!” Who are these people and how do I get them to stop?!?


    • Okay, I do see my over reaction may not be the result you may like. I do feel your drawing showed humor and your cards could make $$ which could be used towards ice cream therapy, Colleen. Bug hugs, sorry about my wanting to take them on for you, with a piece of my mind!! 🙂
      Enjoy your chilly weekend!


      • 🙂 You didn’t over react! You had my back! 🙂 Ice cream therapy on me Robin if I ever do these cards! I already have different versions for “generic” people so they don’t all look like “me”. 🙂


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