The Value Of Our Ability

In the midst of solving the world’s problems today with a friend,  I came across a thought or two that I am pretty certain will help in the pursuit of restoring common sense.

First I want to say that I believe our world, our community, has a  responsibility to those who need help.

My thoughts are in reference to something else all together different than those in need.

Years ago I read a story.  A short synopsis:  a child was born with severe physical disabilities.  A boy baby.  A boy baby that had numerous brothers.  The brothers were all raised to take care of and help provide for their brother who could literally do nothing for himself.  The boy baby grew in to young adulthood.  Dependent on his brother’s and parent’s care.  He had value.   He had purpose in life.   His value was what he taught his brothers in their responsibilities of  providing his care.  They, in turn, received from him what he provided.  They grew up depending on his smile.  They depended on him needing them.  They had value to him because of the care they provided and the lessons they learned about themselves in caring for him.  He had value to them because of the lessons his needs taught them, and the responses they received from him when they cared for him.

Their brother had value.  And his family recognized his value and depended on it.  And they expected it of him.  They expected the smiles and responses when they interacted with him.  And brother expected and valued what his siblings did for him.

Expectations.  Value.  Purpose.

Every person has them.

Or should.

As a world, as a country, as a family unit I feel we have done things that have changed the way our world functions.  Our very essence and blueprint is being changed.

There is a shift.

And it’s not good.

We are taking away expectation.  We are taking away the value we each bring in to this world.  We are taking away personal potential and responsibility.   By not expecting everyone to do what it is they are capable of.

Why shouldn’t we expect each of us to live up to our potential?

Why would we want to lower our expectations?

Why would we want to remove personal responsibility?

Why would we not want to do what we are capable of doing?

There is absolutely nothing wrong at all with needing and asking for help.  And we should help.

But there is something wrong when we do not have expectations.  If you are capable of thinking then you need to think for yourself.  If you are capable of learning than you should learn.  If you are capable of doing than you should do.

With the responsibility of fulfilling your potential and meeting your expectations comes great reward and great freedom.

If your purpose in life is to be born without physical abilities and teach me what it means to do for others by doing for you,  than you must fulfill your purpose.  And I must fulfill mine by providing for you and learning from you what it is to be both dependent and independent.  I must learn from you gratitude and humility.  I must learn from you what it is you are here to teach me.

We are all born with a purpose.

What ever your purpose is here in this world you must fulfill it.  It is expected of you.  When you fulfill your purpose and meet or exceed all expectations you earn what it is you are to have in this life.

Do not ask me to give you what you have not earned.

And do not expect me to stop striving for my personal purpose.

If you don’t know your purpose than part of your expectations is to keep going, doing and learning until you discover it.  I don’t always know my purpose.  But I’m always on the look out for it, I’m doing everything I can to discover it.  Maybe my purpose is to be a seeker?

In my ever simple way of thinking it seems so simple to me.  We do not expect individuals to have personal responsibility any more.   We do not expect individuals to do what it is they are capable of doing any more.

Every person has value.   Why would they want to diminish their personal value by not doing what it is they are capable of doing.   Why would anyone who is able want to give up their personal ability.   And people do, give up their personal ability and value, every day.   By simply not doing.

As a family, as a community, as a country, we accept it.

We are losing the value of our own ability.

We should all individually do what we can.    And serve our purpose.

We should expect that of one another.

We used to.