But That Would Entail Having Brilliant Thoughts

I decided to sit down and write something brilliant today.

Sit and Write

But that would entail having brilliant thoughts.

And like most people, I only see my thoughts as average.

Average Thoughts

Or maybe that’s not like most people.   I guess I wouldn’t really know what most people think about their thoughts.  So I can only address the processing of my thoughts.

There are occasions when I let my thoughts run wild…

Thoughts Run Wild

Not that this is always a good thing.  My thoughts don’t always run to the brilliant, witty or fun.  Or even safe ….

Dangerous Thoughts

But they run….

And seem to enjoy the freedom.  And that’s when I might benefit from them.

There are also those occasions when I try to reign in my thoughts.

Controlled Thoughts

And put them in an order, an order that I specifically want them to be in.

Organized Thoughts

And though this doesn’t always work…sometimes it does.  Because organization can be our friend.  As long as rigidity doesn’t set in or take over.

I do find I can have brilliant moments.  Even if they are rare or unexpected.    They come when I am not forcing them.  Or chasing them.   But when my thoughts naturally open through my senses and willingness to just exist.  Without expectations or demands.  But with and through experience and awe and eagerness to learn.

When those perfect moments in life happen.  When I allow myself to be open and full of zeal for what is…

I find






Sit and Write

And those

Are my favorite moments.

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46 thoughts on “But That Would Entail Having Brilliant Thoughts

  1. lbeth1950 says:

    Me too. Mine run wild mostly.


  2. Ha! I’m constantly going around thinking about how brilliant I am! Just kidding, although sometimes I surprise myself while other times I’m just frustrated. Hey, how do you do those multimedia drawings? Like with the fire and the flowers?


  3. Paul says:



  4. This is adorable! I love it! In fact, I think it is BRILLIANT! And brilliant, I would know! ….I think…???…


  5. niaaeryn says:

    Woot! This was brilliant and spot on! I always have better luck when I am not even trying.
    Also, your thought pictures…adorable! Loved them all sooo much 🙂


  6. I’m going to have to go back and actually read your post now. I was just looking at your cute drawings. Love them.


  7. This was so adorable. I especially liked the thoughts running away with you and the flowers on top of the filing cabinet, but it was all very sweet.


  8. reocochran says:

    This was full of brilliance, my silly friend. Look at you trying to lasso your thoughts by reining them in, Colleen!
    Your fun thoughts and your serious ones were only improved by your drawer of organized bubbles all in a row. 🙂


  9. Heartafire says:

    beautifully writing…brilliant!


  10. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I love how you illustrated this, literally and with your words. Brilliant!


  11. Val Boyko says:

    Brilliant Colleen! Where’s that love button … 😍


  12. Mustang.Koji says:

    But alas, you have brilliant thoughts all the time!!

    (ps Those those splashes of orange a flashback to terror?)


  13. mewhoami says:

    This fits perfectly with a comment I recently posted on OM’s blog. I love to write and oftentimes my mind is full of creativity, but as soon as I sit down to write it out I begin to overthink my words. It’s those people who just flow, who sound the most amazing when they write. Like this post, beautiful and inspiring.


  14. markbialczak says:

    I find you to be brilliant way more than you do, MBC. I see the shine so often.


  15. Brilliant. I need to reign my thoughts in most days. Loved your pics, though not sure about sitting on top of the couldron! 😊


  16. The Heretic says:

    That was cool.


  17. dogear6 says:

    Hilarious and oh-so-truthful. I especially liked the thoughts running wild!



  18. Debra says:

    I haven’t had a truly brilliant thought in a long time! LOL! But I can sure spend a day lost in my thoughts, and if I keep myself entertained, maybe that trumps brilliance. 🙂 Brilliance may be hard to identify, but you certainly have a TON of creative thoughts, Colleen!


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