Believe The Power

I believe the power of touch

Comes not just from a gentle caress

Or shielding and protective hug.

But from the gentle word spoken for a hurting heart,

A kind smile shared tenderly with a troubled soul,

A soft and deep sigh of contentment shared with love,

A pause in life to listen to another’s troubles or pains,

A quiet commitment of action to someone’s need,

A direct look into another’s eye with a nod,

A whispered breath exhaling the power of an emotion just shared.

I believe in these powers.

32 thoughts on “Believe The Power

  1. Just the words I needed to read today Colleen. I had a fun day, but it is still one week since my hubs death, and even having fun couldn’t erase the memory. Thank you.


  2. So beautiful, and I wholly agree. Makes me want to believe as well…I am coming out of having been a bit, well hurt. Love this post and perfectly timed. šŸ™‚


  3. I can easily see that you must have such a gentle hand that comforts others with your words and your actions. What a value you bring to those you love in your home and family, but also in the workplace. This is lovely, Colleen.


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