Pabo GiCaso

You are never too old to learn=me.

You are never too young to teach=a brilliant 5 year old.

“Mamo, this is what you do to do a Pabo GiCaso,

You take one color you like, and one color you like, but don’t like.

Then, that’s all.”

She showed me her appreciation of Pabo GiCaso,

Also known as Pablo Picasso.

And thanks to a teacher who believes in what a child can learn and appreciate,

A child can teach me.

The Master The Teacher

                        The Master
                       The Teacher

The Student

                   The Student

You can tell the Master’s piece of art

Because of it’s unrestricted-by-boundaries freedom

To express.

Mamo, it’s okay if I get this on my hands,

Because I’m an artist“.


She is the instructor.